High-security Interlocking Doors

Interlocking SAIMA doors are designed to combine high security with the elegance of clear glass and of steel profiles with a personalized finish. The anti-robbery doors series come in very different shapes and sizes. This is because SAIMA Sicurezza has always believed that clients should be able to choose the solution that best suits individual needs.

For every type of high security interlocking door, the Light series, as well as the revolving and telescopic doors, there is a wide range of extra features to enhance standard setup. A simple equation guides the SAIMA team in designing and building anti robbery doors: security combined with beauty can create nothing less than an excellent product.

WHY CHOOSE SAIMA high-security interlocking doors?

  • Laminated glass up to 26-27 mm thick
  • Controlled access of one person at a time
  • Quick throughput
  • Customized finish
  • Wheelchair access versions available
  • Different shapes and sizes to suit all settings

Our solutions for High-security Interlocking Doors

bussola antirapina commodoor light rc4 uni eni 1627

Commodoor light RC4

The new COMMODOOR LIGHT RC4 is the perfect armoured door for institutions that require a precise access control but even a very high security level.

Commodoor Light

With the Light series, SAIMA has designed a series of interlocking doors to suit every need.
Prestige Light High-security Interlocking Doors

Prestige Light

The Prestige Light is the basic model in the high-security interlocking doors range designed by SAIMA Sicurezza.
Minisun Light High-security Interlocking Doors

Minisun light

The name says it all. Light and sun are words that bring something beautiful and harmonious to mind.
Minitel Bigtel Light High-security Interlocking Doors

Minitel/Bigtel Light

The SAIMA Minitel Light is a door with interlocking telescopic wings.
Multitransito Light High-security Interlocking Doors

Multitransito Light

The automatic Multitransito Light door is part of the Light series of interlocking doors, designed by SAIMA to bring beauty and security together...

Sliding Box

Like the Gate Box interlocking door, the Sliding Box door was designed by SAIMA to meet the security requirements of the most modern banks and financial institutions.
Gate Box El High-security Interlocking Doors

Gate Box EL

A sister model to the interlocking security Gate Box door, designed especially with banks in mind, the Gate Box EL...

Gate Box

GATE BOX est un produit pour les exigences modernes d'une banque sécurisée, accessible, accueillante.

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