Saima is at the forefront in the design of systems for sanitizing environments aimed at containing the biological risk that emerged with the spread of the Covid19 virus: starting from the principles of infectivity, pathogenicity and transmissibility, it is possible to combat the microorganisms responsible for the epidemic through effective devices and not harmful to human health and the environment. The fight against Coronavirus also involves “thermoscanners” and measures aimed at quota restrictions in all airports, stations, offices, public and retail services. For this we have designed professional thermal imaging cameras, people counters for shops, access control systems for hotels and file management. In fact, Saima Sicurezza combines the know-how and decades of experience in access control with new technologies aimed at protecting and safeguarding the identity of each individual. Precious materials, customizable finishes, elegance and high technology come together to give life to a new concept of Made in Italy design.


Aria Buona 4 FANS

Air sanitation to combat Covid19

Purifico smart

Automatic sanitizing system for motor vehicles