Swing Gate 285

The double swing barrier gate with a futuristic feel

With its automatic double swing barriers, the Swing Gate 285 allows quick and uninterrupted transit, with efficient control for every single user. The square but tapered lines give this model a futuristic feel. The fact that each Swing Gate 285 can be customized with marble, wood or stainless steel top covers to fit seamlessly into all surroundings, even if numerous units are installed, confirms SAIMA’s care for aesthetics.

Automatic security gates control access electronically and require no pushing from the user, a very important detail in those environments where throughput is very high, such as airports, subway stations and other civilian setting. To ensure safe and smooth transit even when pedestrian traffic is at its peak, SAIMA installs an infrared sensortailgate detection system on its automatic pedestrian gates, so users cannot throng the passage. Also, to enable wheelchair access, the Swing Gate 285 can be constructed with a wider lane (90 cm).

Swing Gate 285 Automatic Pedestrian Gate Extra Features

  • Speech synthesizer can direct users in transit
  • Wood, marble or steel top cover
  • Control panel with intercom system
  • Wider lane for wheelchair access

Standard Saima Swing Gate 285 Pedestrian Gate

  • Access control with badge/hands-free proximity/biometric readers etc
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Tempered glass, double swing barriers
  • Impact-resistant, anti-scratch top cover
  • Clear LED ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Infrared sensor tailgate detection
  • Safety photocells


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