Our Story

Early Years

SAIMA was founded in Arezzo in 1977 as a manufacturer of soil preparation machines. In 1981, after years of crisis in the agricultural sector SAIMA decided to branch out in two new sectors: spray booths for body shops and anti-robbery booths for banks. After the success of both endeavours, SAIMA split into two companies: SAIMA Meccanica and SAIMA Sicurezza.

The Turning Point

In 1982, Saima created a prototype of the first booth for access control equipped with a metal detector. Though these security devices quickly established themselves as leaders on the market, banks still needed to employ security guards to manually operate the booths.

In order to entirely eliminate the use of security guards and reduce costs for banks, Saima Sicurezza ingeniously came up with an even better engineering solution: the self-operating security booth. Should a person enter the booth with any metal object, access to the bank would automatically be blocked until the user deposited it in a locker.

World Recognition

Due to the great demand for self-operated booths, SAIMA Sicurezza needed to reorganise and transform itself in order to be able to satisfy all of its customers’ requirements in Italy and abroad. Currently, the foreign sales network is based on distributors, associated companies and representatives in France, Austria, Germany, the U.S.A., South America and Taiwan.

After Sales Service

SAIMA Sicurezza is also particularly proud of its Technical Support service. For years the company has been committed to the periodic organisation of refresher courses for technicians and operators at its headquarters. Technical Support is an essential part of SAIMA’s products and explains, in part, how successful they have become worldwide.