Sport venues / Public events

The most important sport venues and arenas in the world – like London’s New Wembley Stadium – have a control area designed to manage access which is equipped with turnstiles and automatic pedestrian gates designed by SAIMA Sicurezza to receive and manage high throughput. Our company also offers simple and elegant access systems for pools, fitness centers, spas, etc.


Turnstile TR 121 D

Dual lanes in one full-height turnstile

Turnstile TR 121 S

The full-height turnstile for access control

Turnstile TR 129

The full-height turnstile designed by SAIMA for stadiums and arenas

Turnstile TR 128

The full-height turnstile for large transit flows

Turnstile TR 104 S

Design at the service of access control

Turnstile TP 92

The safe and elegant tripod turnstile

Tornelli TP 273

Maximum strength in an ultra-compact turnstile

Pass 256/297

The motorized public transport gatewa

TR 104 D

Full height turnstile

TR 121 S Glass

Full height turnstile

TR 172

Full height motorized turnstile

TR 403

Full height turnstile

TR 172 Vetro

Full height motorized turnstile

TR 403 D

Full-height turnstile