Automatic Pedestrian Gates

With an eye for sleek and sophisticated design, SAIMA Sicurezza has created a range of automatic pedestrian access control gates that combine the lightness of glass panels (swing or retractable) and the durability of a stainless steel body. The range includes products that are suitable for installation in a variety of environments, and for this reason SAIMA automatic security gates can be personalized to suit different needs: for example with wider lanes for wheelchair access or higher barriers to ensure greater protection against climbing over, superior finishes in all colors and different materials. The aim is to guarantee a highly efficient product, which is also beautiful and unobtrusive, even when more than one unit is installed in one setting. After all, pedestrian gates are conceived for and required in surroundings with high, sustained transit. That’s why SAIMA gates are built to withstand wear and tear and ensurea constant, smooth passage rate.


Swing Gate Vasari

Pininfarina design with Saima safety

Swing Gate 330

The safety of an automatic pedestrian gate in the lightness of glass


The charisma of SAIMA motorized gate

Pass 256/297

The motorized public transport gatewa

Pass 340

Steel and crystal: security and elegance in a single motorized doorway

Pass 107 Light

Steel and glass: safety and elegance in a single optical turnstile

ABC Gate V2

The motorized compartment to speed up the passport control.

ABC Gate

Immigration Gate for airport

Exit Lane Corridor

The corridor is a one way passage for passengers to leave the airport