Revolving Doors

The revolving doors of Saima Sicurezza have been designed taking into consideration two essential aspects that the entrance of a building needs to have: an attractive design and an extreme security.Those two elements are frequently in contrast with each other, but Saima, thanks to its technical department, is always able to let those two features coexist, so that the visitor can feel always welcomed and safe.The revolving doors offer a wide range of options: single entrance through weight control or through sensors, opening trough badge and foldable doors.Furthermore, our doors comply with the RC3/RC4 resistance class.


Glass Roll Collapsible

Security motorized door

Glass Roll 4 Wings

Security motorized door

Glass Roll 3 Wings

Security motorized door

Rotant IV

SAIMA anti-robbery security in a portal with a rotor

Glass Roll Light

Glass: SAIMA’s signature touch of class for access control