Aree Self & Safe Room

SAIMA bank layouts are the result of years of experience gathered in the design and construction of high-security doors and systems. They are integrated security systems, conceived to meet the new needs of banks for self-service areas and ATM vestibules.
The layouts are basically arrangements comprising a variety of products that complement one another to enhance security standards to the maximum: disappearing walls in bulletproof safety glass, interlocking security portals equipped with biometric readers. And to protect ATM vaults, ATMs and deposit machines in vestibules and self-service banking areas, SAIMA also offers armored panels and reinforced doors. Even with the different elements that make up a SAIMA bank layout, the final result is an environment where the security system takes up limited space and offers an excellent level of anti break-in security.


ATM Protection

A blast-proof protection system


The anti break-in emergency exit

LTS High-Security Door

The burglarproof high-security door

LTS Panels

High-security panels for vaults and self-service areas

Glass Slide

Maneuverable Wall

Glass Wall

The disappearing wall