Civilian / Industrial / Military facilities

Offices, as well as public and private industrial facilities in Italy and the world are equipped with SAIMA’s elegant solutions – the product of our all-Italian eye for style. They allow verification of employee flow and thus meet the current need to prove and certify that employees are present at the workplace.


Glass Roll Collapsible

Security motorized door

TR 121 S

The full-height turnstile for access control

TR 121 D

Dual lanes in one full-height turnstile

Prestige Light

The charisma of SAIMA anti-robbery doors

Pass 107 Light

Steel and glass: safety and elegance in a single optical turnstile

Welc'on door

Motorized turnstile

TP 92

The safe and elegant tripod turnstile

TP 273

Maximum strength in an ultra-compact turnstile


A simple and functional door

PR 93

Système de passages motorisés

PR 449

The minimalist automatic flag gate

PR 277

Emergency exit gate