Automatic Sliding Doors

SAIMA Sicurezza automatic sliding doors can be constructed with the whole range of anti break-in devices – reinforced glass, double interlocking doors etc – and installed within limited space. An essential detail: this entire range of sliding pivot doors allows wheelchair access. Its distinctive movement, which combines rotation and translation, creates a very wide passage, which is well-suited for wheelchair access and often much more generous than minimum legal requirements, without entailing an overly large footprint. The slim frame and the use of glass ensure a simple product which is in harmony with any environment it may be placed in. All SAIMA sliding pivot doors can provide an ideal emergency exit.


Securlight 370 RC4

Automatic Sliding Door Certified in Class RC4

Securlight 327

Automatic armored sliding door

Securlight 313

The automatic sliding pivot door by SAIMA


The anti break-in sliding door

Rotantslide 362

Rotary motorized door with anti-panic function

Rotoslide V4

The multifunctional sliding pivot door