Schools / Public facilities

    Schools, post offices, public venues, courtrooms, embassies, ministries and prisons are just a few of the facilities that, for years, have been trusting SAIMA and the security guaranteed by our access control and management systems equipped with the exclusive PBS tailgate detection system.


Commodoor Light

Security, style and simplicity together in one SAIMA interlocking door

Swing Gate 330

The safety of an automatic pedestrian gate in the lightness of glass

Pass 256/297

The motorized public transport gatewa

Pass 107 Light

Steel and glass: safety and elegance in a single optical turnstile

Welc'on door

Motorized turnstile

Welc'on office

Motorized turnstile

Aria Buona 4 FANS

Air sanitation to combat Covid19

Pr Bus – Turnstile for buses

Kindness and security for people who travel

Glass Roll Light

Glass: SAIMA’s signature touch of class for access control

Securlight 370 RC4

Automatic Sliding Door Certified in Class RC4

Securlight 327

Automatic armored sliding door

Securlight 313

The automatic sliding pivot door by SAIMA


The anti break-in sliding door

Rotantslide 362

Rotary motorized door with anti-panic function

Rotoslide V4

The multifunctional sliding pivot door