Customized Access Control Turnstiles

The access control turnstiles are essential tools to guarantee the control and the security of public places or private institutions that have the necessity to manage the entrance and exit flow of people.

The customized solutions are an important connection point with the place where the turnstiles are installed. Every organization has its own needs and it is not always possible to adapt a standard product without making the necessary modifications and customizations.

A personalized approach is essential when it comes to access controls. Every organization has unique and specific needs that require tailored solutions. The customized access control turnstiles offer the flexibility to adapt to different situations and environments.

A unique solution based on specific needs perfectly integrated with architecture, design and control system can be studied in order to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing solution in compliance with the architectural and functional style.

The security is the main worry in every type of context: financial institute, government area or sport facilities. The customized access control turnstiles allow to regulate the access of only authorized people, avoiding the access to not authorized ones according to the specific logic and out of standard.

These systems can be integrated with advanced technologies like face ID, access card or QR code, guaranteeing a secure and precise control.

Choosing a solution with customized access control turnstile means investing on security, efficient management of the people and on tranquility to know that your organization is protected. We are here to guide you through the available options and to create the ideal solution that will be able to satisfy your own specific needs.

Pros of customized access control turnstile 

Personalizing the turnstiles to respect your specific needs means obtaining more advantages and benefits than the standard solutions in order to manage security and organization with more efficacy. For example:

– Regulation of the access: the customized turnstiles allow to regulate the access to reserved or sensitive areas. You can set specific criteria in order to determinate who has the permission to entry, as the face ID or the use of the badge. It guarantees an accurate and reliable control, preventing the not authorized access and protecting your organization by potential threats.

– Security improvement: the customized control access turnstiles create a physical barrier that allow the access only to authorized people. This barrier reduces intrusion risks, steals or damages inside the structures. It regulates the access flow and thanks to the customization, it is possible to integrate it with extra security systems like surveillance camera or alarms supplying an extra protection level. It can be connected to emergency system like the plant of emergency evacuation in order to adjust the structure to the required standards.

– Software integration: the software integration allows to program and manage access credentials and security setting. It means that it is possible to define who can access to specific areas, in which hours and with which authentication modes. For example, you have the possibility to establish that only the authorized staff can access to a specific part of the building during the night hours using the face ID as an authentication mode.

Options and customizations of the access control turnstiles 

In terms of customization, it is possible to work on different aspects of the turnstiles in order to adapt them to the specific needs in every organization: public or private. The following aspects can be customized:

– Design and aesthetic: the turnstiles can be personalized in order to adapt the aspect and the style to your structure. You can choose between different finishings and colors that are perfectly integrated with the surroundings. The turnstile will become an integral part of the design and the aesthetic of the spaces.

– Access modes: the turnstiles can be configurated to support different authentication modes, like face ID, access card, PIN or QR code, fingerprints and many others. You can select the access mode that you prefer.

– Configuration of security settings: the customized turnstiles allow to set rules and specific access criteria for different areas or hours. For example, you can limit the access to certain zones only to authorized staff or establish access restrictions on certain hours. This customization of the security settings guarantees a precise and focused access control.

– Integration with security system: the turnstiles can be integrated with others security systems already existed on your company like surveillance camera, alarm or emergency systems. This integration allows to create a complete and coordinated security ecosystem in which the turnstiles collaborate with others devices in order to guarantee a superior level of protection.

– Size and material customization: the turnstile can be customized according to the desired size or material. You can choose turnstiles with different height and width in order to adapt them to the available spaces and the flow of people. You can select high quality materials as the stainless steel to guarantee durability and resistance over time.

Are you looking for customized solutions for your company?

If you are looking for some customizations or you have particular needs, try to answer to the following questions:

– What are your main security needs inside your own structure?
– Do you have any specific preference for the exterior design of the turnstile? Do you have any restrictions or guide lines to follow?
– Which authentication modes do you prefer to use? Face ID, access cards or fingerprints?
– Do you need to set specific access restrictions for certain areas or hours inside your structure?
– How many turnstiles do you plan to install? What will be the dimension of the available space for the positioning of the turnstile?
– Do you have any particular needs in terms of material? Do you prefer stainless steel or other specific materials?
– Do you already have security systems on the structure like surveillance camera or alarms that you want to integrate with the access control turnstile?
– Do you have any specific needs for the management of the people flows inside your own company? For example, do you have to manage peak of attendance during certain events?
– Do you want to implement a system for presence registration or monitoring of the visitors by using access control turnstiles?
– Do you have any budget restriction or specific guide lines that we have to consider for the customization of the turnstiles?
– Do you have the necessity to adequate the turnstiles to specific norms that require superior security and efficiency standard than the standard products?

Saima is specialized on the production and personalization of access control systems as well as the ability to offer and propose custom solutions. Thanks to these two elements, Saima is able to compete with big international companies.

Understanding the necessity and adapting the turnstiles and all the access control systems has meant that over the time the ability to understand the customer’s needs has improved, until arriving to propose and suggest modifications and solutions to answer with more cure to their needs.

Contact our sales department to understand how Saima can help you to solve your own needs regarding the access control management thanks to our customized systems created for your own company.