Welc’on Bus: more courtesy and fairness on board

The service on buses is wearing a new technology which has the significant importance of optimizing and better rationalizing our metropolitan trips. First of all this new system helps us to adjust the flow of those goining in the bus, with the opening of the Welc’on BUS through the alidation of the ticket. This new door for buses is neither a tripod turnstile, as you may think, nor a virtual turnstile done with transit sensors that ould not be enough to deter. In fact, to use technical terms is really a “door”, which rotates at each obliteration and falls vertically in the case of emergency.

With the Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, already validated by the General Management since 2014, the Welc’on BUS is a system of our production that can be installed in all buses in Italy and abroad! A welcome then with our Welc’on BUS to all passengers on ransit lines of our cities and even with the considerable savings that the various municipal companies can no longer complain about the non-payment of the ticket…