F3-J 06A Metal Detector

The versatile and compact walk-through metal detector

The F3-J 06A metal detector, the only product of this type in the SAIMA Sicurezza range, is light and slim. The aim was to provide an easy-to-install walk-through metal detector with a small footprint, which is why all electrical components have been placed in a single circuit board, thus reducing size.

The F3J-06A metal detector features a system of transmitting antennas, which generate a variable magnetic field, and receiving antennas, where the currents induced by the magnetic field are elaborated by an electronic control box. This particular configuration creates a uniform field, capable of detecting objects anywhere within the area covered by the antennas.

The many parameters which this model allows to set and the automatic search function for the best frequency make the F3-J 06A a versatile walk-through metal detector, suited to any environment it is installed in.

Standard Saima F3-J 06A Metal Detector

  • Adequate discrimination for medium transit environments
  • Numeric data filter on input signal to prevent interference
  • Detection speed up to 10 meters per second

Standard Saima F3-J 06A Metal Detector

  • Adjustable acoustic signal
  • Detection areas on three different height levels (upper, mid, ground)


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