Rev 2000 Abbattibile


Glass Roll Collapsible

Security motorized door

The GLASS ROLL is a door with a rotating turnstile with four sectors for access control and is the answer to the need for high transit flows carried out safely and uniquely. It has a circular base structure, slim and easy to position with large glazed side walls and a central glazed turnstile with 4 sectors. Painted with embossed finish in RAL colors or on request (glossy finish,
stainless steel coating, bronze, aluminum, etc.).


  • Lateral glasses of 19/21 mm thickness.
  • Central turnstile glass 12/13 mm thick, stratified and tempered.
  • Lighting with 4 led spotlights in the internal compartment.
  • Metallic upper cover.
  • Digital voice communication for the guidance of users in transit.
  • Sensors for accident prevention safety.
  • Serial ports for external interface (RS 232 RS 485).
  • Programmable command console with intercom.
  • Traffic light system with LEDs and door opening buttons.
  • In case of power failure the doors can be opened manually.
  • Removable structure.


  • Side glasses and impeller BR2/BR3 (EN1063), P6B (EN356) certified.
  • Folding impeller in case of emergency.
  • Internal/external support for badge and/or proximity reader.
  • Door opening radar.
  • Additional console.
  • Input/output board (I/O).
  • Volumetric system to control the transit of one person at a time (only for h=2505).
  • Anti-hostage system to control the transit of one person at a time, with weight control system.
  • Packing in wooden crate.
  • Thermostatically controlled passive heating system of the electronic part, for low temperatures.


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