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ABC Gate V2

The motorized compartment to speed up the passport control.

The ABC Gate V2 is specifically designed for all the structures that need precise security checks, but also an easier and quicker management of people flow, particularly for Airports and Ports, that record a very high volume of traffic.

The entire process of passports check, boarding passes and access to the safe area has been automatized to make it faster but mostly easier and safer for every passenger, that can perform the two operations in different moments and go towards the safe area when desired, without obstacles.
New ABC Gate V2 allows to keep the access doors always open, saving 24 seconds for each transit/person and therefore speeding up the transit.

The doors of the exit gate only close when the passenger will not be recognized by the system. But here is the innovation of ABC Gate V2: the not recognized person stops for few seconds in the central area of the gate where, after a determined period of time, a side door opens that will address the suspicious passenger through a predetermined route up to the manual check of the passport.  
In this way, the other passengers avoid to queue and create obstacles while they are waiting for the check.

The entire structure is designed to occupy as less space possible and to make the crossing agile, but also secure. A series of sensors and photocells provide the people counting to avoid the overcrowding of the area and the opening of the doors in case a resistance due to an obstruction or retention is detected.

Optional ABC Gate V2 motorized compartment

  • Crystals workable in different heights
  • Hinged doors in polycarbonate
  • Emergency button that allows the opening of all the compartments
  • Key for the management of the operating modes (emergency, normal, block)

ABC Gate V2 compartment preparation

  • Doors In polycarbonate of 1200 mm from the ground and 10mm of thickness
  • Frame structure in carbon steel profiles
  • All the mechanical, electrical and structural elements can be substituted in short times
  • The annual maintenance expects jus the cleaning of dust and the greasing of some elements.


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