Pass 340

Steel and crystal: security and elegance in a single motorized doorway

PASS 340 is a motorized gate derived from Pass 107 Light, where the essentiality of raw materials such as steel and glass shaped by the typical Italian style make it particularly elegant and able to make sober and at the same time safe any entrance. It is an access control system composed of two or more machine bodies that, through a sliding movement of the glass, allows the opening or closing of the gate. It is possible to obtain versions with an enlarged gate to comply with disability standards, elongated machine bodies for operation with open wings and variable glass heights to increase the physical security of the gate.

Preparation of Pass Point 340 Saima

  • Predisposition for insertion of systems of validation of the transit
  • Side panels in shaped stainless steel
  • Tempered glass sliding doors
  • LED traffic light indicators
  • Anti-overcrowding control through infrared sensors
  • Safety photocells

Optional Motorized Gate Pass 340

  • Voice synthesis for communications to users in transit
  • Control console with intercom system
  • Larger gate for disabled access
  • Glass panels available in different heights
  • Side panels in curved smoked glass
  • Upper covers in shockproof, scratchproof, wood, marble.


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