ATM Protection

A blast-proof protection system

The box protection for ATM is a patented structure made in steel and composite materials thought to protect the ATM machines in the area of the strong box. Such a protection is able to avoid that pieces expulsed by the same ATM after a robbery attempt by means of an explosion, can damage the surroundings, (because of the explosion strength). Beside this protection will prevent thieves from reaching the currency kept inside the same ATM.
The degree of explosion protection has been tested according to the rules UNI EN 1143-1 “Means of Custody – Requirements, classification and test methods of resistance against burglary – Part 1: Strongboxes, strongboxes for ATM, door for armoured rooms and armoured rooms” such tests were made by a recognized and Authorized Board of Certification. The protection for ATM is composed by welded floor fixing structures made in steel. The floor fixing uses chemical resins (which can be replaced by tear-proof elements). These resins are complemented by a net of strips in composite materials able to allow a high resistance against a traction act and a cutting attempt. The degree of this resistance results to be undoubtedly higher than the action given by any steel cable with the same dimensions.

ATM protection equipment


  • Carbon steel sheets bent and reinforced with welded plates painted in the various RAL colors.
  • Fixing foot on the floor with threaded pins blocked with chemical resins.
  • EN 1300 class B certified lock for closing the bars protecting the safe door.
  • Composite steel cables to connect the side modules.
  • Elastic adhesive with two-component bonding agent for fixing the modules to the walls of the safe.

Optional ATM Protection


  • Tear-proof plate: steel plate bolted to the floor with chemical resins and anchored with articulated links, made of steel rod, to the noCash 350-409.
  • Cover bag: this cover is an accessory of the noCash 350-409 protection, it is produced with a special tear-proof and fire-resistant aramid fabric specially designed to contain the effects of explosion.


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