Glass Wall

The disappearing wall

The disappearing Glass Wall is an aesthetically simple product, which is very functional when it comes to automatically partitioning a space. The Glass Wall is made up of horizontal panels of bulletproof laminated glass that slide along vertical runners which are fitted to the existing walls. As it goes up, the Glass Wall is concealed in a recess in the false ceiling. Like this, no partition whatsoever remains visible, and all areas are connected, as though there had been nothing separating them.

The glass and steel structure makes the Glass Wall perfect for any environment, as it does not impose any restrictions to the design envisioned by the client. But this wall should be safe, as well as aesthetically pleasing and practical. Conceived to separate a bank’s ATM vestibule or self-service area from the rest of the branch during closing hours, it must be just as secure as all other elements that make up the bank layouts designed by SAIMA (Gate Box, Sliding Box, Tel Box). For this reason, however elegant, discreet and bright they may be, the tempered glass panels are first and foremost resistant. Their thickness is crucial both to the noise reduction coefficient and the wall’s passive security.

Standard Saima Glass Wall

  • Press-formed steel structure
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
  • Must be manned to operate
  • Laminated P6B class security glass panels
  • Can be concealed in false ceiling recess when not in use

Standard Saima Glass Wall

  • Opening: 200 to 400 cm wide
  • Height: 240 cm to 390 cm
  • Movement speed: 2,6 m/min


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