Glass Slide

Maneuverable Wall

The maneuverable walls are an ideal solution to divide rooms into several rooms where different activities take place. The walls are composed of independent glass modules inserted in an aluminum frame, the sliding of the panels along the ceiling guides is guaranteed by reliable single-carriage systems without floor guides.

The manual packing of the panels is extremely simple, normally carried out in positions that are not very visible or enclosed in niches or cabinets. Designed to meet the creativity of architecture. Closing panels are locked to the ground using foot-operated pins that are inserted into holes in the ground. The locking systems and the coupling joints of the closing panels are made in order to guarantee the highest possible security against break-ins, considering that this is a wall not provided with armour-plating systems.

In order to satisfy the need of an emergency exit, there is a door at the end of the wall equipped with a push bar that allows the exit from the room. The handle lock is protected against attempts of fraud from the outside.


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