Rotantslide 362

Rotary motorized door with anti-panic function

The Rotantislide 362 model is a multifunctional door because with its characteristic rotating movement, numerous performances are achieved. The Rotantslide 362 door has all the requirements for disabled access, also offering a 120 cm entrance. The door leaf movement is rotating, so the overall dimensions are very small despite the width of the access.

The rotating sliding door Rotantslide 362 is multifunctional precisely because it combines the functionality of an emergency exit and the safety of a SAIMA door with a wide and practical entrance. The doors are in fact made of 21 mm thick shatterproof glass. As in every SAIMA automatic door, there are both sensors for opening and safety photocells installed inside and outside.

Equipment Rotantslide 362 door


  • Control console
  • Door opening sensors
  • Safety photocells
  • Arrangement for access control with push-button panels, badge readers, fingerprint readers, facial readers and RS 232 RS 485
  • connections.
    Doors with metal profiles, mechanical locks and first entry and last exit keys

Optional Sliding Door Rotantslide 362


  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
  • Glossy finish


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