Securlight 313

The automatic sliding pivot door by SAIMA

Securlight 313 doors represent the range of automatic sliding doors in the SAIMA Sicurezza catalog for access control. Their main distinctive feature is the way the wings move, by rotating and translating. Made out of 12 mm thick laminated glass, they open by turning on a sliding pivot, thus combining rotation and translation. It is a detail that makes the Securlight 313 a very versatile door, as this type of motion means it can be installed also in settings with very limited space. The passage is very wide and thus also accessible to wheelchairs.

The security level that the Securlight 313 door can ensure is no lower than what other automatic SAIMA doors guarantee. For example, thanks to the auto reset and the fact that both wings open when pushed, the Securlight 313 model proves to be the ideal solution for an emergency exit. It is a simple and elegant sliding door, which can created with a personalized gloss finish or in the RAL colors.

Security 313 Sliding Door Extra Features

  • Door opening sensor
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
  • Gloss finish

Standard Saima Gate Box Doors

  • Access control with badge/fingerprint/face recognition readers and RS232/RS485 links
  • Programmable control panel with intercom system
  • Clear ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Safety sensor
  • Automatic mechanical locking upon closing
  • First person in/last person out key
  • Door opening sensor
  • Digital voice communication to guide users through transit
  • Outer door unlock system certified for use in ATM vestibules and bank self-service areas
  • Access control through ATM card reader for use in ATM vestibules
  • Straight-line access (entry and exit facing each other)


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