Pass 107 Light

Steel and glass: safety and elegance in a single optical turnstile

Rounded body and transparent barriers are the features that make the Pass 107 Light optical turnstile a unique product in the access control sector. The elegance of the lines, the clean visual impact of the stainless steel combined with glass and the simplicity of its shape show off the best of all-Italian design. But at SAIMA we know that beauty must to go hand in hand with safety.

When using Pass 107 Light optical turnstiles, users do not apply any force, because the retractable wings move automatically – only after access has been validated. Like this, the SAIMA optical turnstiles ensure smooth passage which is also highly controlled. They are access control systems designed for settings where throughput is intense and fast, for example public facilities, public transport environments and sport venues.

The Pass 107 Light optical turnstile is offered with a high-end set-up, to which buyers can still add a series of extra features to completely customize this product to individual technical and aesthetic requirements.

Pass 107 Light Automatic Pedestrian Gate Extra Features

  • Speech synthesizer can direct users in transit
  • Curved, smoked finish glass side panels
  • Wood, marble or steel top cover
  • Wider lane for wheelchair access
  • Glass barrier available in different heights
  • Control panel with intercom system

Standard Saima Pass 107 Light Pedestrian Gate

  • Access control with badge/fingerprint/face recognition readers and RS232/RS485 links
  • Curved, smoked finish glass side panels
  • Retractable tempered glass wings
  • Impact-resistant, anti-scratch top cover with RAL 9007 gloss finish
  • Clear LED ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Infrared sensor tailgate detection
  • Safety photocells


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