Commodoor Light

Security, style and simplicity together in one SAIMA interlocking door

With the Light series, SAIMA has designed a series of interlocking doors to suit every need. The circular base makes it a well-proportioned door, while the glass panels give the entire structure a lightness that confers a refined and minimalistic style to this series of interlocking doors. The series comprises three products of different sizes, from the basic Prestige Light, to the ‘medium’ size, the Minisun Light door, and finally the largest high-security interlocking door model, the Commodoor Light. With a diameter of 1,5 meters, it was created to grant wheelchair access.

The structure in curved glass and steel can be dismantled and customized in terms of color and finish, as well as with a series of SAIMA extra features designed for the Light series, making the Commodoor an easy-to-install product. Despite its size, it requires no structural work.

The Commodoor interlocking door is as elegant as it is functional. Transit, with straight-line access, is easy, as the door has been designed to allow comfortable access also for users with motor disabilities. With this in mind, SAIMA has managed to create a door that meets the highest standards: security, ease of transit and beauty.

Standard Saima Commodoor Light Doors

  • Tailgate detection with the exclusive PBS system, to ensure only one person passes at any one time
  • Programmable control panel with intercom system
  • Clear ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Automatic mechanical locking upon closing
  • Safety sensor
  • First person in/last person out key
  • Digital voice communication to guide users through transit

Commodoor Light Interlocking Door Extra Features

  • Door opening sensor
  • Metal detector fitted to the framework
  • Third door allows employees to safely enter/exit
  • Bullet camera in the cabin
  • Self-managed, features SUN sensor to detect objects inside the cabin
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
  • Gloss finish
  • Access control with badge/fingerprint/face recognition readers and RS232/RS485 links


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