Speed Gate

Swing Gate Vasari

Pininfarina design with Saima safety

VASARI is a motorized bidirectional gate. Developed in collaboration with Pininfarina, it is a design model capable of securing any entrance. It is an access control system made of two or more machine bodies that allow the passage opening / closing through the movement of the glasses. Available in different versions, it can be also carried out in a larger version to grant the passage of disabled people in compliance with the relevant regulations, or in versions with variable glasses height, to increase the physical security of the gate.

Standard set-ups Swing Gate Vasari

  • Polycarbonate leaves, 10mm thick.
  • Stainless steel and/or painted upper covers (RAL colours range).
  • Led system to point out the gate state.
  • Queue-proof check by infrared sensors.
  • Safety photocells.

Optional Swing Gate Vasari

  • Temperate glass leaves.
  • Predisposition for housing of recognition systems (badge readers, proximity readers, free hands, biometric systems).
  • Optical acoustic alarm.
  • Console.
  • Wooden crate packaging.


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