Data Center

The physical and logical security of data centers

A data center is a physical infrastructure usually consisting of buildings or structures specifically designed to house servers, storage devices, networking, cooling systems and other IT equipment, which manage and process enormous amounts of data and services.

Its design, implementation and management require specialized skills and constant attention to safety, reliability and operational efficiency.

Data centers must be protected from unauthorized access, physical damage and cyber attacks. This can include physical security systems such as surveillance cameras, controlled access and intruder detection systems, as well as cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, encryption and constant monitoring of network activity.


Swing Gate Vasari

Pininfarina design with Saima safety

Commodoor Light

Security, style and simplicity together in one SAIMA interlocking door

TR 121 S

The full-height turnstile for access control

TR 121 D

Dual lanes in one full-height turnstile

Swing Gate 330

The safety of an automatic pedestrian gate in the lightness of glass

Commodoor Light E

The evolution of Commodoor Light with increased opening.

Prestige Light

The charisma of SAIMA anti-robbery doors

Minisun Light

In lightness, the security of a SAIMA anti-robbery door

Multitransito Light

The telescopic door for high throughput

Minitel/Bigtel Light

The SAIMA telescopic door for access control