Chimera Slim

The security portal for optimal anti-robbery safety within limited space

The Chimera Slim  is the more compact version of the Chimera security portal model. Designed to be installed even where space is very limited, at only 40 cm deep, it still guarantees optimal levels of anti-robbery safety, despite its small footprint. The most interesting feature of this security portal may be that both doors open in case of emergency, allowing wide, comfortable and secure transit.

The Chimera Slim model is manual. The two doors are managed by a door closer and are interlocked. The exterior door is built out of safety glass, while the interior door is armored andalso has a spy hole. Even though it is not very deep, passage width is 90 cm, enabling wheelchair access. Small, simple and manual, it can still provide the perfect solution in many situations where it is key to control access and there is not enough space to install larger high-security doors.

Standard Saima Chimera Slim

  • Clear ‘traffic light’ indicators
  • Certified security door inside with spy hole
  • Outer glass door with reinforced glass
  • Automatic mechanical locking upon closing
  • Entrance key

Chimera Slim Security Booth Extra Features

  • Bullet camera in the cabin
  • Embossed finish in RAL colors
  • Gloss finish


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